Gil and Robelyn: One fine day in Malabon

January 28, 2017. "Is Malabon part of Metro Manila?," Rox, a fellow photographer asked me while we were waiting for the others.  I said, I'm not sure. The uncertainty is part of the excitement though. It means we were going somewhere we haven't been, haven't seen and haven't photographed before. 

When we arrived at the Malabon Grand Hotel, we were greeted by it's unusual yet colorful looking facade. We learned there were three other wedding preparations aside from Gil and Robe's. Initially, we had our qualms because we were informed there was no window in the rooms and that the lighting was not very good. However, once we surveyed the area, we saw several other alternatives and creative opportunities that made us giddy. We're certain that when you look at the images below, you will agree that Gil and Robe's wedding was one fine day. 

Photo and Video: A&V Studios

Coordinator : Merry me

HMUA : Dred Postigo

FLorist: Dangwa Florist

Catering: Osios Catering/ Ovents

Accoustic Band/lights&sounds : Harana906

Bridal Gown/ Entourage: Princess Kisha boutique Mente